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[w/video]Kamakura Festival(Matsuri) light up -dreamy winter night snow scenery -Yunishigawa Onsen,Nikko,Japan

My first time seeing snow! かまくら祭(Kamakura Festival/Matsuri) is held in winter each year in Yunishigawa, Nikko, Tochigi Pref., which lasts about one month. At that period, various cute snowmen will be handmade by local people and put in front of their houses and shops. And the dreamy scenery by the river at night time is certificated as one of the historical-culture night views in Japan.


¥500 vegetarian buffet restaurant in KYOTO serving organic produce ! Miyakoyasai Kamo

Unless you are a vegetarian, I bet you are having a meaty meal each day when you are traveling. Miyakoyasai Kamo(都野菜賀茂) is a vegetarian buffet restaurant in Kyoto. It provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And for breakfast, it just costs ¥500 and you can enjoy the food as much as you want to. Grab the chance to take in more fiber!