Hi, it’s Karen from Hong Kong who can’t stop traveling. And I loves photography,exploringstunning sceneryandnice restaurant.

On this little big platform, I would like to share this great beautiful world to all of you. As well as to agglomerate more people who share the same thought and interest with me.

So far, Japan is the country I like it the most. But of course, the content of LittleEggplanet.com is not limited to Japan Travel. You are going to discover so much more than that.

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(I am not a professional traveler or journalist so I might not be able to provide perfect travel tips to you. But I am happy with it if my photos, articles or anything did contribute as some references for your own journey. Depends on situation, a column for readers to share photos and blog may be launched in the future.)

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Hi, it is Karen from Hong Kong. A girl who loves traveling, photography, exploring stunning scenery and nice restaurant. Like my facebook page or subscribe on the bottom of page to follow me for latest journey and news :D